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Industrial Sifter

At SMICO, we stand by a manufacturing process that has built the best industrial sifters and other equipment in our industry throughout our 70-year history. One of our most distinguished sifters, the SMICO VIBROSET™, has helped industrial processors for over 60 years. Among the industrial sifting challenges readily accepted by the SMICO VIBROSET™ are cereals and foods, cement and light aggregate materials, plastics and chemicals.

Although new VIBROSET™ models are constantly updated and customized in accordance with customer specifications, many of these early models are still in use and performing admirably today. Another popular sifter, the SMICO Flow-Through Sifter, is equal to any task involving the final safety scalping of food materials. Other attractive alternatives for somewhat higher volume industrial processes include our circular screeners and centrifugal sifters.

Industrial Sifters for Every Need

We encourage you to bring your industrial sifting equipment needs to SMICO whatever they may be. We believe we have equipment to meet your needs--and if we don't, our engineers can work with you to custom design something that will. For laboratories and other processors with relatively low-volume needs, we recommend a low-cost, low-capacity SMICO Screenette industrial sifter that allows easy set-up and can be used virtually anywhere. We include the screen, stand and power switch in the base price to provide incredible value.

We know that every second your plant is not 100 percent operational is profit lost forever. Because of this, a major element of our total quality commitment is our connection with our customers. If you have a problem with any of our industrial sifters, we consider it our problem and we will work with you to get it solved as close to immediately as the situation allows. If you need a part to repair SMICO equipment, that part will arrive at your plant the next day via overnight shipping. You won't find better service anywhere.



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